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September 2007 updates to artificial reefs and oil/gas platform locations
are now available for download from the Support page.

When it comes to serious offshore fishing, FishMapperTM v2.0 delivers what the competition can't: high-performance chart plotting and trip planning tools that help you save time and money, not just electronic copies of the paper charts you already own.  And at only $69.95, it's a great bargain, too!

"An impressive fishing-trip planning tool."  -- Capt. David Bacon, Sport Fishing (May 2004)

FishMapperTM v2.0 provides all the features you need to consistently find and catch fish.  These powerful electronic fishing charts let you plan offshore fishing trips using the included DGPS coordinates of hundreds of fish havens created under the artificial reef programs run by many Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast states to improve sport and recreational fishing.  Also included are the GPS coordinates of thousands of oil rigs and gas platforms, which are also powerful fish attractors, as well as the coordinates of all active NOAA data buoys and water level reporting stations, with online data retrieval so you can check current conditions while planning your trip.  In addition, FishMapperTM v2.0 lets you store and plot the D-GPS coordinates of your own fishing hotspots where you caught all those red snapper, kingfish, and grouper the last time you were out!

"It is an exceptional tool for the offshore fisherman."  -- Capt. Paul Titus, Louisiana Sportsman

Sampe FishMapper v2.0 Screen Shot
Sample FishMapperTM v2.0 Screen Shot.
(Click to Enlarge)

FishMapperTM v2.0 is now available in a 3D Edition that displays the FishMapper chart window with high-resolution color 3D map backgrounds showing amazing details of the seafloor.  And it is loaded with new features that make it easier and more enjoyable for you to plan your fishing trips ahead so you spend less time boating, and more time fishing!  See the 26 May 2003 News Release for more details.

"I tried it out and instead of 'Yeah, that’s cool' it was 'WOW!'"  -- Steve McNemar, Marsh and Bayou

FishMapperTM v2.0 is powerful yet simple to use, and is very responsive even on older computers (e.g., Pentium 166 MHz).  You can build a trip with all the spots you want to fish on a particular day, order them any way you want or let FishMapperTM compute the shortest-distance route, and then print a trip chart with all the coordinates listed for easy reference to your GPS out on the water. 

"I ordered my FishMapper 2.0 upgrade online Friday evening and received it in today's
mail (Monday).  Fantastic product and even better (if possible) service.  I will strongly
recommend you to anyone who asks."  -- Mike Locke, Kenner, LA

The current regions covered by FishMapperTM v2.0 include the greatest offshore sport fishing areas in the northern Gulf of Mexico and southern Atlantic Coast of the United States (see the list below and accompanying map).  Additional regional coverage along the middle and northern Atlantic Coast is planned for later releases.

Item #CD-101 Region 01 North Western Gulf of Mexico from Brownsville, TX to Morgan City, LA
(262 artificial reefs, 1203 oil/gas rig locations, 23 NOAA stations/buoys)
Item #CD-102 Region 02 North Central Gulf of Mexico from Lafayette, LA to Tallahassee, FL
(1616 artificial reefs, 981 oil/gas rig locations, 19 NOAA stations/buoys)
Item #CD-103 Region 03 West Florida Gulf Coast from Panama City, FL to Cape Sable, FL
(1458 artificial reefs, 33 NOAA stations/buoys)
Item #CD-104 Region 04 South Florida and Keys from Tampa, FL to Sebastian Inlet, FL
(1219 artificial reefs, 26 NOAA stations/buoys)
Item #CD-105 Region 05 East Florida Atlantic Coast from Key Largo, FL to Savannah, GA
(1131 artificial reefs, 18 NOAA stations/buoys)

Region Map for FishMapper v2.0

"You have a great fishing tool and I use it every trip.  Keep up
the good work!!"  -- Capt. Tony Cain, Elberta, AL

If you are interested in purchasing FishMapperTM v2.0, please visit one of our local Dealers or click on the link to place Orders online.  You may also contact us via telephone, email, or regular mail at the addresses listed under the Contacts link.

Thanks for visiting Coastal Software Corporation, the home of FishMapperTM v2.0!  Now GO FISH!!

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